Voting is an important part of Western Australia’s democratic system and election time gives the community the opportunity to have their say.

The Commission aims to make it as convenient as possible for electors to vote. This can include early voting options, assistive services and help with understanding the voting system in Western Australia.

Before election day

There are no voting options before election day. Voting commences at 8.00am and concludes at 6.00pm Saturday 11 March.

Elector assistance

A range of assistive tools are available at polling places to assist electors with a specific need to cast their vote.

Voting in Western Australia

Voting is compulsory at State elections in Western Australia for enrolled electors. Find out more about voting in Western Australia, including how to mark your ballot papers, the voting systems used in Western Australia and what happens if you fail to vote.

Local government elections

Local government elections administered by the Commission are typically conducted by post. All electors will be sent a postal voting package approximately two weeks before polling day. For more information, see local government enrolment.

Occasionally, local governments will request the Commission to conduct an election in person, where electors vote at a polling place on polling day. For polling place locations, contact your local government.