Local government elections update

The Commission is presently running three local government elections – extraordinary elections for single vacancies in the Town of Mosman Park (South Ward) and the Shire of Irwin, and a fresh election for a single vacancy in the South Ward, City of Fremantle.

Postal vote packages have been distributed and completed packages are already being received from eligible Mosman Park electors, with election day set for Friday 23 February. To be included in the count, ballot papers must be with the returning officer by 6.00pm on that day.

Candidate nominations closed yesterday for the Shire of Irwin election, with 3 candidates successfully nominating for the vacant position. Electors should start to receive their postal vote packages from 8 February. Election day is Friday 9 March.

With regard the City of Fremantle, South Ward postal election, candidate nominations opened yesterday. Nominations will close at 4.00pm Wednesday 7 February. Interested persons can obtain further information here.

Election day for this election is Friday 16 March.

Electors should note that given construction works at the Council premises, election services will be available at the temporary Council premises located in the Administration building at Fremantle Oval for the duration of the election period (between 8:30am – 5pm weekdays), as well as at the Fremantle Town Hall between 8am – 6pm only on election day.