Current Elections

To nominate as a candidate, it is recommended to use the Nomination Builder. Watch our step by step video for instructions on how to use Nomination Builder.

The Nomination Builder tool will be available for use by prospective candidates to commence developing their profile several weeks prior to the opening of nominations.

For the 16 October 2020 local government extraordinary election, candidate nominations will open on Wednesday 2 September 2020. For the 17 October 2020 local government election section 4.13 other elections, candidate nominations will open on Thursday 3 September 2020. Nominations cannot be lodged with the Returning Officer before this date. 

Nominations for the 16 October 2020 election close at 4.00pm Wednesday 9 September 2020. Nominations for the 17 October 2020 elections close at 4.00pm Thursday 10 September 2020.

Election timelines:

31 July 2020 LGE timeline (PDF 22 KB)
28 August 2020 LGE timeline (PDF 79 KB)
11 September LGE timeline (PDF 22.5 KB)
18 September LGE timeline (PDF 23 KB)
16 October 2020 LGE timeline (PDF 22.3KB)
17 October 2020 LGE timeline (PDF 83 KB)